Ghent At Night

Bruges or Gent overnight Rick Steves Travel Forum However we have never been to Gent and we have our daughter joining us so I am thinking a day in Bruges and then on to Gent for the night. Ghent Nightlife TripAdvisor Dear travelers. Ghent is filled with students lively locals and tourists and therefore there are numerous places to go out late at night. The city doesnt sleep. Image results for Ghent at Night Ghent in 48 hours Visit Gent Lights out spots on Hidden gems during the day are suddenly put in the spotlight at dusk. To enjoy Ghent by night to the full try the Ghent Illuminated walk. Ghent Ghent at night TripAdvisor Inside Ghent Ghent at night Before you visit Ghent visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice written for travelers by travelers. Ghent Authentic By Night Ghent Authentic Ghent by day might blow you away but Ghent by night will dazzle you When night falls thousands of spotlights of the intricate and award winning lightning plan.