Capitulum Flower

Capitulum facts information pictures articles. capitulum A type of flowering shoot see racemose inflorescence characteristic of plants of the family Compositae Asteraceae e.g. daisy and dandelion. Capitulum definition and meaning Wordnik A thick head of flowers on a very short axis as a clover top or a dandelion a composite flower. A capitulum may be either globular or flat. n. A knoblike. Image results for Capitulum Flower Flowers Capitulum Head. A capitulum or head is a round to flat topped cluster of flowers. inflorescence containing many individual stalkless sessile flowers arranged. Head inflorescence A head capitulum is a short dense spike in which the flowers are borne directly on a broad flat peduncle giving the inflorescence the appearance of a single. Botanical Terms capitulum head Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society Nov 27 2007. Flowers in the Family Asteraceae are borne in a compact influorescence called a capitulum or head which superficially resembles a single.